Saturday, March 20, 2010

Home to Greenfield then back home

I had a good ride - no problems - still very slow no matter how hard I push I just can not over come how long it takes me to climb the hills. It is annoying. Beyond that it was a nice ride. I just made two stops one at 20 miles for nature and one at 24 miles for a DMD.

I repaired the Shlumph drive again and after looking at it decided the chain was in the best alignment I could get. I moved the mount for the GPS and cycling computer down a bit so the fairing will flip up with out hitting them. I made a mount for the speed sensor/transmitter so that I could move it from the rear wheel to the front right wheel this puts the sensor much closer to the cycling computer - hopeful this will put a stop to the speed dropping out at high speeds.

A work in progress

My GPS data is HERE

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