Sunday, March 7, 2010

Team CBC - Curse Intervals training

Curse Intervals training - Tim took a group of Team CBC cyclist out to show us a training method which improves both speed and endurance. The training involves riding 5 to 7 miles at ones normal pace to warm up - being warmed up is important. Then at about a 2% upgrade one needs to ride 5 to 7 minutes at 90% maximum heart rate, then turn around and ride at a recovery pace(what ever speed you can recovery at) back to your starting place and then repeat. I am not sure but I beleive he said you could repeat it 3 to 7 times and should do it twice a weak but not more. I of course could not keep up with the group riding the warmup to the place to start the training and I was so far back that Bob came back to find me then rode with me to the start point - I appreciated him doing that but just HATED the fact the he it had to be done. I did need the help and would not have found them if he had not done so. Bob organized the event. I was not sure I would be able to do the training and even asked Bob if I could participate - I forgot that he and most of everyone else did not know I had removed the Bionx and am now a real TURTLE. I tried to tell them about removing the Bionx and how slow I was but I do not think they believe me until we started riding. I was able to do the training - Tim recomended I just try 3 minutes instead of 5 - I guess I looked worse than I felt when I got to the start point. I have two things going for me with my cycling, I have a great deal of stamia - I can pedal a long time and even through I can only climb hills at 2 - 4 mph I have climbed some 9% grade hills and even after that effort I will recover quickly. But I did as Tim suggested and found it to be easy so the next time I went out for four minutes which was also easy. I have a heart rate monitor but the tables I have seen say my maximum heart rate is about 133 but I ride at 135 to 137 most of the time and I can talk with out panting. Tim recommended I try 140 at my target heart rate I found I had to get to 144 to begin to pant so I was trying for 141 to 142 and I did the third session at 5 minutes and was just feeling a burn in my quads at the 5 minute mark. I thought I did OK at the training but I completely lost the group on the return ride - I told Bob not to wait for me because I thought I knew the way back. Well I made a wrong turn and next thing I know I am going down a steep down hill that I did not remember climbing on the way out so I checked my GPS and I was off course several miles. I had climbed the up hill after the down hill before I was sure I was on the wrong road I had to go back down and then do the climb again part of it was a 9% grade. I told the GPS to take me back to the start and it did. I did have the same pain in mt butt and the same problem with my right leg - I have got to find a solution for this. Any way I did a 20.8 mile ride with my little detour and adveraged 9.3 mph. If you enlarge the trace on the GPS map over the lake you can see the three different runs. I do plan to incorprate this into my training rides at Greenfield.

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