Friday, March 12, 2010

Something new

I had an interesting experience last night and maybe completely new to me. My Nephew James is getting married this evening. Well I am not in the wedding but I am invited. Weddings and furnels are about the only thing I wear a suit and tie to. I think the last time I had mine on was for my mother. Anyway I got it out after my shower last night to see how it fit. I remember it being tight, very tight so I really was not sure how it would fit now. I do not know what I weighted the last time I wore it so I did not know what the difference the weight I have lost would make. Well the pants fit, the shirts are too big and the jacket fits and may be a bit too big. I could not find a label on it to know what size it is but I found another black jacket that was labeled 66 that was too big, way to big. I do not remeber that black jacket but it is too big now - sort of ashame it looks new. I have not had the whole thing on at once but I believe it will look OK. Maybe I get Dad to take some pictures of me.

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Ken and Jen said...

Hooray!! I think how our clothes fit and feel is the best way to measure our weight loss successes. Personally nothing makes me feel skinnier than when the jeans that used to be too tight, now require a belt! Great job, Ashby!! Woohoo!!