Sunday, March 21, 2010

Team CBC ride 03-21-10 and inlightenment.

From my forum post -

I had a real nice ride - it was really great to see everyone again and nice to ride with some of you again. Lets do it again soon.
My GPS data is HERE My pictures are HERE

Well it was a real nice day the weather was not as pretty as Saturday it looked like it was going to rain several times but as far as I know it did not. It did seem cooler and a bit winder but all in all very nice. We had about 50 cyclist among the four rides today - pretty good for so early in the season. Peggy and Bryan seemed to enjoy themselves and I am pleased.

I have had several comments to me on line and in person and after talking with some of the folks at the ride today I have decided to put the Bionx back on the trike. Everyone told me more or less the same thing and that was that they miss me riding with the group and if I need it to be able to do the group rides I should use it. Several people told me they understood why I took it off and that it was a good idea just that maybe I did it too soon. I can try riding without its help any time to see how I am progressing and even do training with out it or with it off I might even be able to use it to train by setting it in regeneration most it would provide a constant level of resistance while riding just like a low hill.

Well I put it back on tonight after the ride. I have mixed feeling about doing it but think it is the right thing to do for now. Monday after work I will take it out for some testing if the weather is OK. I also need to get something done about repairing or replacing the second battery. I will be limited to 30ish miles rides until I get the second battery back. I wanted to mount the battery and console differently than I had but the cables would not reach which is likely why I had done it the way I did the first time.

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