Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Riding Better

I have been having some problems and have been really depressed for a couple of day. I am doing better now but it is hard. I have not had this trouble for over 2 years. So it was a bit of a surprise. Instead of sitting at home in the dark like I did Monday I forced myself to get out and ride and that helped.
The weather was good and I had a good ride - only 12 miles and I was alone but I was riding pretty well and I felt better than I have been feeling riding. Nice to fell better now. I was really nice to fell like I am improving a little. I was climbing the hills a bit easier and it felt good. Also I think I may have figured out why my butt has been hurting so much or at least I loosened the lowest seat strap and it seemed to have helped but I need a longer ride to be sure. I could have ridden longer and should have. I had decided to ride 2 loops so that is what I did but it was not cold and I could have ridden more - Thursday night if it is as nice I will.

My GPS data is HERE

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Ken and Jen said...

Hey there... Sorry to hear you're not feeling up to par lately. We admire your resolve to get out and ride when you don't feel good. Been there, done that, and it baffles me to this day why it takes so much effort to get up and do what makes us feel better. lol