Saturday, March 6, 2010

OMG I am a TURTLE!!!

I did the Ride for the Rock. It is a very nicely done ride for a local charity. It was still quite cool. I put on my usually winter kit and assumed I would be pealing parts of it off during the ride. While I never did get cold I never took anything off either. I rode the 50K and I really had a hard time. I was dropped by the whole group and they were completely out of sight within 2 miles of the start. This is so hard for me. Try to imagine if you were a cyclist and you were able to ride at an average speed of 17-19 mph on a 50 or so mile ride in this area and were climbing the hills here at 8 to 12 miles per hour and over night you had to go to averaging 9 mph if I am lucky and climbing hils at 2 to 4 mph and having to drop your mileage for rides back to about 30 miles in distance because of the time it now take to ride that far and see how you feel. I want to do this and I need to do this but it is so hard to be SO slow.
When I first got on the trike the seat felt funny. While riding I had trouble stearing the trike on some down hills. I finally stopped and checked the seats lower bolt - it did not seem loose but I put a wrench to it anyway and was able to get almost a whole turn on it. This seemed to fix the funny feeling and the down hill problems. Also I had not been feeling well for most of the ride and when I stood up to work on the trike I almost passed out, I got real light headed and faint. I garbed hold of the faring to stead myself and just waited - it passed slowly but I did not feel OK until I sat back down and not for a little while then. At about 13 miles my butt started to hurt like it has been since I got the chromolly seat frame. The pain got worse and worse no matter how I tried to sit, then I lost part of the feeling in my right leg. The calf and ankle did not feel like they were asleep like for loss of circulation it just felt not there and unresponsive but I could still pedal. When I got to the SAG stop, I was suprised they were still there, and stood it the feeling came back to my leg and my butt stopped hurting. From the SAG stop I had a bout 12 to 14 miles to ride - since my butt did not hurt until miles 13 I thought I would be OK however it started hurting again after about 6 miles and my legs was numb by 10 miles past the SAG.
I finished the 31 miles ride with the amazing(because it is so slow) average speed of 7.5 miles per hour. I was still not feeling well but I was not really tired - I beleive I could ride longer distances it would tahe over 6 hours to ride 50 miles. I am going to have to work on keeping up my motivation - riding like this is is not much fun - I do still like riding but it is hard.
One good thing I had a new low weight this morning.

My weight was 341.0 pounds 69 pounds lost.

I am sure it helps all ready but I wonder how much more I am going to have to lose to ride better.

As you can see below I got the GPS back. I did not get many pictures - no one around to photograph.

My GPS data is HERE

My Pictures are HERE

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