Friday, March 26, 2010

Replacing my Tour Kingpin bushings

Remove the upper bolt then insert the allen wrench in the whole and tap it to remove the Kingpin.

Here you can see the lower bolt and the Kingpin coming out. In the forth image the Kingpin is out and the assemble can be removed to replace the bushings.

This shows the Kingpin and the old bushings. The next shows the bushings and Kingpin removed.

Here the new bushing installed. Last image shows the Kingpin with the bottom bolt inserted. All that is left to do is place the bushing over the Kingpin and tap the Kingpin back in the put the top bolt back in.

Before I made this change I could get almost one half inch of play at the top of the wheel now there is almost none. I hope this is will improve the high speed handling.

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zaleski7 said...

This description of the work and these photos are really great. Do you think you should have replaced the king pins too? I used these instructions and I did not replace my king pins and I still have play in my right wheel. I didn't see any wear on the king pins. Have you replaced wheel bearings?