Sunday, October 31, 2010

Team CBC 46 My Way Tavern

A really great ride - the weather was cool but beautiful - I had no trouble finding the new Tavern and was very pleased to find out they were allowing us to use their bathrooms - always a plus before 3 plus hours on the ride - Turtle preformed perfectly - I finally had gotten the seat adjusted to a comfortable recline - I had none of the pain I have been having which I believe the seat was causing by cutting off the circulation in my right leg - I was riding real well and pretty fast - I was riding with the slower 46 mile group - as we left town the group seemed to split apart - I jumped off the back and went to catch the front group to let them know we had gotten split and had dropped a group - it took me a bit to catch them they were doing about 21 mph - when I did catch them I found out they were not riding with our Team CBC group so I dropped back to the others and apologized to jumping off the front and explained why I had done it - I felt a little stupid - at the first rest stop right when we were ready to leave Meri and Laura rode up - I told my group I was going to drop off and ride with them - I was doing fine and feeling good but wanted to ride slower due to the City of Oaks also I had been wanted to do a ride with Meri - it was a very pleasant ride both the faster and slower part - my scale today says I either weight 302.0 or 315.7 pounds - I am real tired of this scale - I am going to be optimistic and take the 302 because I have been eating correctly and exercising and 315.7 would be gaining weight - so to date I have lose 108 pounds - blood sugar was 91 this morning - both good numbers - if I can lose 3 pounds before City of Oaks Sunday I will be running weighting less than 300 pounds - I at my meat and cheese breakfast at 8:30 this morning and the road for over three hours not eating anything and I felt great no problems and did not get hungry -

Time: 03:14:44
Distance: 46.19 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,430 ft
Calories: 1,156 C
Avg Temperature: 70.8 °F

Team CBC 46 My Way Tavern

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