Saturday, April 25, 2009

Selma Cyclepaths - Easy Rider route

My post ride comments -

I had a great ride and I want the thank the Cyclepaths folks for making me welcome.
HERE is my GPS data from the ride.
Here is a link to the photos I took on the ride.
I however did not do this ride intelligently. I had planned how I wanted to do the ride basing my plan on it being a 26 mile ride but when I learned it was modified and was 30 miles plus I did not change my plan. My ending mileage was 32.6 on my cycling computer. I did not bonk, I had been eating and drinking regularly but at 26 miles I did hit the wall, at least that was how it felt. I really suffered the last 6 miles and that big hill at the end was a killer. When I stood up to get off the trike I got light headed, that had not happened before. Moral of the story - Plan your rides - Ride your plan - BUT if your ride or route changes change your plan.

My comments to remarks about my computer settings -

OK I am working on my cycling computer to see where I have an error. I had measured the wheels rolling length and put it in and I had heard that cycling computer could be if properly set more accurate than GPS do to the inherent error built into publicly accessible GPS data so I just assumed my GPS was wrong. It is important to me to have accurate data. I will let you all know what I find.
I am riding Raven Rock so I will not be there this coming weekend.

My weight today was 364.8 pounds

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