Sunday, April 12, 2009

Anybody interested in riding Easter Sunday?

'Anybody interested in riding Easter Sunday?' was the title of the Message and I did - my reply -

I want to ride somewhere Sunday - busy Saturday. I cannot keep up with that pace but if it is OK I join you all and I will just try to find someway to shorten the route or do an out and back. I only really want about 35 miles anyway - and do not want to have the group limited to my pace. If would prefer to find some other ride or ride solo to slowing down your ride.

My second post was -

Once you all pick a ride let me know if there is a map or cue sheet so I can look at it - get it in my GPS and work out what I can do.

Then -

This sounds great - looks like I can do the 34 miles router which is a subset of the 50 and I should get back more or less at the same time as you 50 milers. I already have both routes in my GPS.
See everyone about 9 AM

And my post ride post -

Woot! - had a great ride - even with the GPS I made three wrong turns - I need to pay more attention to it - I just get so into the ride sometimes - HERE is my GPS route and here is a LINK to some photos I took - was great meeting everyone.

My weight today was 368.6 pounds.

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