Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good bye Jenny

I weighted 390.0 pounds. I was still going to Jenny Craig and following the program but it was not working and I was tired of the food and how much it cost so I stopped going in. The interesting thing was that even through I decided to stop using their food and driving ot the center I still was trying eat the way I have learned to - I spent a good deal of time finding food I could get or make that fit the program but that I could buy from regular stores - it took some time but I did it and it got better as time went by. I found that even through I did not want to go to the center I was staying on the program. I did not have a scale so I could not weight but just tried to eat properly. I am not sure where the idea came form but somehow during this time I got the idea of trying to get a trike.

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