Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello Turtle

After researching it on the web I ordered a TerraTrike Tour. When it arrived and was un-boxed my first impression of it was 'Its so small' it just looked to little for me to sit on. When I lady who I once dated and is now a friend saw it she said it looked like a Turtle - the trike has been Turtle ever since. My first ride on it turned out to be less than great - I did not have it adjusted correctly for me - I thought I did but I did not and I had taken it to a bike trail that I thought was paved only to find out it was a hard packed stone. The trike handled the trial OK but the trail made the trike slower than it could be on a paved surface and sense I did not know any better I just thought trikes were slower. IF I remember correctly I manages to ride it about 5 miles which I was also disappointed in but in hind sight I should have been pleased with because I could ride. Even with all this I did enjoy myself.

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