Friday, September 4, 2009

Slow Spoke Thru night ride 09-03-09

From my forum post -

I had a good ride - it was a bit annoying for me, myself and 3 others got stuck at the first traffic light and by the time we stop sign everyone was gone - I almost caught the group at the next light but then again they got through and Andrea and I got caught by the traffic light and even through I tried I could not catch the group - I was doing 21 - 24 mph on all the flats a good bit more on the down hills and 6 to 12 on the climbs and I still could not catch them. I assume they turned at the visitors center as last week and if so I did catch them just after they had turned - I turned then tried to catch them again - I did pass a couple of riders but did not catch the main group. I was not a bad ride I just wanted to ride with the group a little - I can ride alone in Garner, no need to drive to Cary.

MY GPS data is HERE

My pictures are HERE

I guess this seems a little silly but I do enjoy riding with the groups, I do not mind riding alone and I do do a good bit of it - it is just that the point of this ride is group riding and if I get dropped after we leave town because I can not keep up that's fine but to not even have a chance to hang with the group because of a traffic light or two is annoying. I guess it is just me I imagine most others could have caught up with out a problem - will I ever get to that point?

My weight was 355.4 pounds - still stuck :(

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Gary said...

I drove almost 2 hours to a group ride that started at 8:00 AM. I took videos of them all pulling out. By the time I remounted I lost sight of them around a curve and missed seeing which way they went. I did manage to find them near the turnaround though. I know the feeling.