Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Something interesting at least to me.

While I was out doing my morning walk/run across the street walking the other way was a lady and her trainer (there is a high-end personal ladies only fitness center near where I walk) walked pass - I said good day as I do to any I meet while walking and they said hello. The the trainer who I do not know said - you walk here a lot (I have seem him about 8 - 10 times walking with different ladies) - I said yes twice a day every day and once at home in the evening - he said something to the lady I could not hear then to me he siad you are doing good, how much have you reduced - I told him 57 pounds anf they both clapped for me - it was strange but nice.

My weight today was 352.4 pounds.

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Gary said...

Good for you Ashby. And don't let those little "ups" deflate you; success seems to involve up and down but with more down than up. This riding season I lost 15 then gained 10 back when my wife was out of town. Now working on that 10 again.