Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tim's Birthday Ride

From my forum post -

Turtle and I had a real great time on Tim's ride. There were about 12 of us. I got to see on some new roads for me. Also did over 100 miles one weekend this weekend.

My GPS data is HERE

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Well I had a great ride and I think everyone else did also - Bob and I both broke spokes. I am getting tire of this. This is about the 5th one I have broken and I can not find any reason why. Oh well guess I will just have to get the wheel off and repair it Monday. There were new roads for me on this ride - we pulled up to stop one time and I did not know why we were stopping - turned out to be a store that they regularly stop at that was having work done on the front where they sell gas and we entered the store at the rear. We also went to see there progress on Betsy and Brian's new house - we were promised cake and ice cream but since the sheet-rock was not up yet I guess that will have to happen later - lol - the place looks like it will be real nice when finished through. After the ride a bunch of us went to the Tangerine Cafe for lunch - nice place - good food. I felt good on this ride and enjoyed it - I did get a good workout and felt a little tire after the ride - it was not as far as the week before at the Tour but we road the shorter distance at a higher pace and stopped less, I think it is time to make the 50 to 60 mile distance my normal weekend daily distance up fro the 35 to 45. I just hope the weather will let me ride enough to maintain my riding level and fitness. I do not mind riding in the cold at least it it is not too cold as long as it is not wet.

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