Sunday, February 21, 2010

Greenfield Prky the slow way.

Well I made it back to Greenfield today and managed 21 miles at avaverage speed of 9.49 mph. Saw one other cyclist out there. Never got close enough to se if I knew them but he/she had on a bright yellow jacket. There were also several walkers/runners out there.
No GPS data again the unit is recording my rides but I can not get it to transfer the data to the computer. Called Garmin and they told me that it was likely caused by a defective cable and that they would repair it if I sent to them so off it goes.
The odometer is at 3043.9 miles for the Terratrike Tour and 22824.5 miles for the Vanguard. I am just recording those numbers here because they will likely get deleted.
I had a good ride did not get real tired but my butt still hurt - got to find some way to get the seat reclined more.
Tuesday looks like a riding day so I plan on leaving work 30 minutes early and get a ride in. It is not much fun riding so slowly but I am riding all the time in the small ring trying to get my cadence up along with everything else I am working on.
A bit of good news I finally lost some more weight. Granted it is only .4 pounds but it is the first time I have recorded a lose in about 3 months.
Got a nice comment from Ken and Jen - nice to hear from you all.
I am really not sure what to do about the Thursday night SlowSpoke ride when it starts up. Right now I could not keep up with anyone not sure I could live with everyone riding away from me when I use to ride in the faster group.
Except for the seat position problem Turtle is preforming very well but I am sure she is not happy about going so slowly.

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Jen said...

Well, you might be slower, but that new back rim is AWESOME!!! We suddenly feel so, well, so plain... lol Ken and Jen