Friday, February 19, 2010

Turtle reborn

After work I came home and removed all of the Bionx hardware and the Bionx rear wheel from my trike. It took about an hour but was not real hard to do. The wheel weighed over 10 pounds - it with the two batteries I carried weighed in at over 27 pounds.

To replace the rear wheel I took the five spoke carbon-fiber Aerospoke wheel from my Vanguard recumbent. It weighed in at just a tad over 5 pounds. I removed it's 8 speed cassette and placed the 9 speed cassette from the original Terratrike 20" wheel. I them cleaned it and tightened the hub on the wheel and remounted it on the trike. I did remove the tire and tube from the Bionx wheel and put them on the Aerospoke wheel. I then made the necessary adjustments to get the gears shifting correctly. I then removed the left hand front Grip-shifter since it is no longer needed because of the High-Speed Drive.

Saturday I will go for her first ride without the Bionx and see how we do.

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Jen said...

Hi Turtle! I think it's a good move for you, taking off the Bionix. You're getting into shape now and you will lose even more pounds pumping your own way up those hills! Bravo for a good choice! And hey, WE take you seriously and would ride with you anytime!!! Jen and Ken