Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lets Ride Trikes - Meetup.Com ride on the ATT

I setup this ride just to try to gather a group of trikers together to ride. At first it looked like we might have a good size group. We had 5 people say they were coming anf one Maybe - to the the ones who were planning to ride were for two riders so we have 7 confirmed and one maybe. Mostly due to the weather only three of us showed up but we had a nice if cool ride.

I was really nice to meet Ken and Jen and to see their Tours. Their trikes are about a year younger than mine but there are very few differences - just a couple of component changes.

The trail was in good shape and there were a lot of others using it in-spite of the cool weather. I even rode through some very small patches of snow.

My GPS data is HERE

My Picture are HERE

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