Saturday, July 17, 2010

Galloway Training Run 8 - 10 miles I am SO ANGRY!

I was having a good run when I was knocked to the ground. I fell forward mostly on to one knee but both knees hit and both hand - right hand hurts a little - left knee is bloody and hurts a great deal. Bending it really hurts - walking is very painful - it is even difficult to sit so it does not hurt. I am really angry - I did nothing wrong but I got hurt and now I can not do anything!

When I decided to try to run the one thing I was worried about was hurting myself and having that not only prevent me from running but have it affect my cycling. With as much as my knee is hurting right now I believe it is unlikely I will be riding Sunday and that will be the second time I have had to miss my Sunday rides because of getting hurt running! Granted I hurt myself last Saturday and I was proud I was able to run 13.14 miles but I missed two rides because of it. I was so careful this week I skipped morning walks because of running. I iced my ankle and really tried to let my feet rest and heal. My right heel hurt a little this morning but it was not bad and I was doing well. I know who pushed me down, she tripped and fell forward and in trying to stop her own fall push off of me knocking me forward and down. She hit the ground also but was not cut and she was able to keep running with the group.

I know she did not intend to hurt me but I am hurt and I cannot walk, run or ride and I am mad about it. I have been trying to be so careful - I have been so afraid of getting hurt because I know when I stop I will have a lot of trouble starting again. I have read if you miss 5 days of training you lose 10% of your fitness and two week coast you 30%, three weeks is 60% four weeks id 85% and beyond that you just have to start over. I really do not know how long I will be out - right now my knee is really really hurting and my knee and hard are getting swollen.

The knee does not look too bad just three inches of road rash like spot what hurt is the fact that most of my 315 pound were between it and the cement sidewalk and it hurts like inside some how.

I have to decide if I am going to contine running, I like it but it is hard and am hurting or sore most of the time because of it and I keep missing riding because of it.

The pain pills are starting to work and I am getting sleepy - I need to find some way to get over being angry and figure out what I am going to do since I cannot do what would wan t to do and would normally be doing.

Time: 00:21:39
Distance: 1.33 mi
Elevation Gain: 136 ft
Calories: 289 C
Avg Temperature: 76.0 °F

Galloway Training Run 8 - 10 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

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