Monday, May 16, 2011

Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

Good run - we went to the Expo and it was by far the largest one I have seem - it was very interesting and a good time walking around and just looking at everything - I had a real good time at the MCHH - the weather looked like it might not be great but was just fine - it could have been a lot hotter than it was and even through we started with very wet roads it did not rain - Meri and I road up together we met Micki and Kathryn - we started together but there was no way I was going to be able to run with those three so we split up in the first mile - I was a bit concerned because I had decided to do the 4 mile Galloway run the day before and it included a Magic Mile - I really wanted to do that run but is did take some out of me and my quads were a bit stiff that morning - the race was very well done there were no problems of any kind that I saw or experienced - there were lot of volunteers and lots of Marines on the course also - I do not think I have ever been addresses so many time as Sir in my life - the course was great although a bit hilly - it was a very pretty run - there was a lot of groups along the course from bands to historic reenactment groups - there was even a group handing out shots and beer - I ran the first 3 miles the went to a 4 minute run with a one minute walk - sometime I did a 9 minute run with a 1 minute walk - I did this for the whole race except for Hospital hill - I ran up part of that hill then walked the rest - that is quite a hill and it comes after mile 10 - I was a back of the packer but I was not at the very back of the pack I was always in sight of other runners and there were always folks behind me - I was passed by a lot of runner in the first half of the race but at 15K I started passing other runner many of them were the ones that had run away from me in the first half - Meri met me at about 300 yard out and ran me in it was really nice and did help me - I told her I was OK but did not think I had a kick left in me - she said just keep moving and finish - she pealed off close to the finish line so she did not cross it a second time and with every yelling at me I found out I did have a kick but I was completely spent when I got across the finish line - unlike all the other races I have done where the back of the packers will come in and half of more of the finish line is disassemble and there are only a few if any folks to greet the finished who are still coming in there was a line of Marines all the way across the finish line all holding medals and as I hobbled up to them one put one on me and a number of them spoke to me with greeting and congratulations - this was very cool - us back of the packer work just as hard as those who finish near or at the front and most likely it is a lot harder on us just due to the time we are out there and never before have I ever felt like I was given the same treatment and all the other runners -

Time: 03:44:25
Distance: 13.33 mi
Elevation Gain: 722 ft
Calories: 3,327 C
Avg Temperature: 65.7 °F

278.6 lbs
Body Fat
20.9 %
Body Water
52.3 %
Bone Mass
10.7 lbs
Muscle Mass
209.8 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
28 years
Daily Caloric Intake
6,350 C

Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

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