Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Morning Swim by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

Good swim - I feel like I am getting better at this - I am still just doing breast stroke one way and back stroke on the way back - I like doing two different strokes because it feels like I more through workout - my H2O Audio with the iPod Shuttle are working great now and I do enjoy have my music - the mask is still giving some trouble with leaking - I may try a different style - having a little water in it is not a problem until I go to my back stroke then it tend to get in my eyes - swimming feel like a good workout but it is a different sort of tired than running or riding - wearing the VFF in the pool is working well and does not seem to affect my swimming - using the forerunner to count laps worked great - I use to repeat the current lap number to myself while swimming each lap - now I just listen to the music and think about my stroke technique - I am also not swimming a fixed number of laps now - I just swim as long as I have time for and see what I have done - I found out today that I have been counting the laps wrong - I consider a lap down and back - when I had asked how far a lap was I was told 25 yards but the person who told me this must count each leg a lap so before when I was saying i swam 500 yards it was really 1000 - wow I just got faster - I will go back and correct those records - no problems no pain - no blood sugar test strips again but I have gotten them ordered - blood pressure 149.72 52 - weight down a bit -

Time: 00:57:25
Distance: 0.68 mi
Calories: 541 C

281.0 lbs
Body Fat
18.9 %
Body Water
53.5 %
Bone Mass
11.0 lbs
Muscle Mass
217.0 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
21 years
Daily Caloric Intake
6,583 C

Thursday Morning Swim

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