Monday, December 31, 2012

Nuese River Green-way Tapir

Good run but cold and wet - it was not raining hard but it was raining - I really did not want to be out today but I am glad I did manage to get a nice run in - I am really having trouble with depression - noting new I do this every year during this time - I am sure looking forward to the return of the Sun - It does not seem like I am training very much but I am feeling burnt out - I am mostly trying to keep what conditioning I have so that I can do the best I can at the Goofy - I do not enjoy running right now - I will have to do something to get back to it - maybe it is just this time of year - not making an important decisions right now it likely a good idea - no problems or pains -

Nuese River Green-way Tapir Run by ashby

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