Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cool Flower Hill Thrill 47.75 miles

My post ride comments -

I had a real good ride - some new roads for me some were real nice. Selma Cyclepath once again did a real nice job setting up these rides. My GPS does not have ride data for me to download - I am not sure why it shows having a history but not a download able activity. My cycling computer showed 47.75 miles, ride time 2:50:53, average speed 16.1 mph, max speed 27.5 mph, 1557 feet of climbing, max climb was 8%, average heart rate 118 bpm, max heart rate 132 bpm, 3270 calo burned. My Pictures are here

I am really annoyed that my GPS did not recorde this ride - it was a nice route and I would have liked to have seen that data - I hope they ride the same router next week, one hill out on the route with an 8% grave and of course the finishing ride hill which is about 7% grade. The first leg of the ride to the rest stop was about 28 miles -I did it none stop mostly riding alone and I felt good - the 19 miles after the rest stop were also no problem but I did get a little tired at miles 45 - a good ride,

On a different note I bought running shoes Friday - it was an interesting experince - the salesman looked at my feet with shoes off then asked me to walk - he also asked me some questions - then he told me I needed shoes from the one column on the wall and he told me why he felt I needed them - I agreed and he got my current shoe size and whento get shoes for me to try on - he came back with two boxes - one box was a size too small and the others were the right size but from the next column over from the one he told I should get - seemes that they did not have my size but he felt sure these would be just as good for me - interesting how the ones I needed were the ones they had instock - well I got them anyway because they felt good and I can return them with in two weeks if I do not use them outside - I will try them on my treadmill and diecide if they fell OK - I do need shoes if I am going to do this - I got some Yanks laces for them - they seem like a cool this if they work - what they are is elastic shoe laces that are installed backwards meaning the loop is at the top and the ends are down by the toes - there is a way to adjust them I hope they wrok - I also got some swim googles have not foud a place to swim yet but I am looking - there are several places around but nothing close to Garner - mow I am looking for a place near work - I also got some road tires 1.5" 80 psi 26" slicks for the mountain bike - I need to be able to ride a DF bike and ride it far enough to use in also I want to see if I can learn to an aero dymatic position on the MB - well I may just be being sjlly but it grivs me something to think about.

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