Thursday, July 9, 2009

A good well atended Slow Spokes Thur night ride

My post ride comments -

I great ride - we had a crowd out tonight. I had a good ride not sure exactly why it was easier tonight for me but it was. The pace was a little slower , I was able to draft a lot more tonight and I just seemed to have better legs and more stamina.
We also had a nice group for food and beer after the ride - lots of Fun!

My GPS data is here

My pictures are here

I was told by several people that my right front wheel was wobbling - it was strange I could not feel it. I examined both front wheels and found the right front had a broken spoke again. So I unloaded the trike from the van when I got home and removed the right front break and the right front wheel. This time I will take the wheel in and get them to make me a replacement spoke and 3 spares for each side.

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