Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I still can not beleive I write - but I am interested

From a post I placed on the TringleCycling Forum -

I find this really hard to believe but I am interested in this - PLEASE do not hurt yourselves laughing. Has there ever been a 356 pound tri - I wonder? But I find I am interested - I would not compete until I have lost a lot more weight. I am sure I could not compete at all unless I can get to the point where I can ride a diamond frame bike and that may not happen no matter how much I want. If that turn out to be a fact then I will just look at it as a way to get fit. I would also have to buy a diamond frame bike I am pretty sure one can would not want to do this on a mountain bike and that is the only DF bike I have but I can use it at a later date to see if I can ride one. But I fell sure I can train for now on my trike, the swimming should not be a problem I hold two Open Water SCUBA diving instructors certification(neither one is current but I can swim) when I get to that point I would just have to train however I am not sure I can run at least not yet. I walk everyday for exercises about 2 miles but I have not even tried to run in a long time. I guess I will just try a little at a time and see how I do I also have to get some shoes for running.
I will check out the book mentioned earlier about the Fat Tri:hyper:

My weight today is 358.6 pounds

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