Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Healthy as an ox!?

My comments in my cycling forum -

Hey team sorry I did not make it tonight, I know we are not a team but it is fun to think of the group that way. I really was looking forward to riding tonight - I spent a good part of Monday evening refitting the High Speed Drive crank on the trike.
The good news my Doctor says I am healthy as an ox - are oxen really healthy? Maybe he said I am an ox. Really he is was very pleased with my weight loss and my fitness improvements - I still have the problems I have had but everything is under control and if anything I am doing better than I have for a long long time. He is doing some additional test just to be sure as he says - I will find out the results of those soon. He approves everything I have been doing, has no problem with me training for a triathlon. He thinks adding swimming would be very good for me and the only thing suggested is some weight training if I want to. So I plan to be there for the Brick every Tuesday and for when the team is not going to train for some reason I plan on setting up a 17.2 or so ride route and a 1.5 miles walk/run here in Garner so I can train here and not have to do the drive. I still need to find a place to swim - the only pool in Garner is sort of a club and requires a yearly membership - I am only looking for a place to swim laps. I work downtown Raleigh and plan to look to see what is any gyms have pools - with a gym membership I could swim and do the weight training when ready.

My Weight today is 358.2 pounds

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