Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Greenfield ride - 31 miles ride and a one mile run.

Ok real nice night I had a real good ride not fast but good then after the ride I felt pretty good and since I missed part of the route at the nOg Run I want to run a little tonight. I really wanted to see what it was like running after a ride. I had heard it was hard but I guess because it was not a hard ride or at least for me I felt good much better than when I started out last night. I am still surprised each time I start to run that I am able to do so. It is just amazing to me there even though I am real slow I am doing more than walking and it seems like running just slow running. It does take a lot more energy. Tonight I just followed the 45 second walk 45 second run and I just did the one loop which turns out to be a good distance of a mile. I was not well perpaired - I did not have water for the run or any way to carry any and I needed it. I might have felt like going longer if I had had water.
The new shoes seem to be doing real well- I am having much less foot pain since I have been wearing them.
I am going to bed.

Ride: Greenfield ride - 31 miles at Garmin Connect - Details
Time: 02:16:19
Distance: 31.64 mi
Elevation Gain: 991 ft
Calories: 783 C
Avg Temperature: 88.7 °F

Run: Running solo after Greenfield ride at Garmin Connect - Details
Time: 00:20:59
Distance: 1.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 75 ft
Calories: 295 C

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