Monday, June 7, 2010

The nOg Run Club second run

We had great weather tonight and I had a good run - it is not easier but I believe it will get better. Rover Dave showed up and ran with Emily and I - he is a bit faster than me but kept coming back to me. I believe he and Em could have run together and I may suggest that next week - I do not mind running alone but it nice to have company. I just would not like it if she is running slowly to stay back with me. We did the full run and like last time I was hurting a bit after two miles but I did not stop and got to feeling better. HR got up to 147 but that is OK if it comes back down during the walking phase. Right knee hurting a bit - I think I strained it at the gym - need to be careful with that. I really did have a good time and the knee is not bothering me now. They were doing 25% off all food on the menu so we all had dinner there - my food was not great but not bad either and I would eat there again just try something else. It was a really good end to what started out as a crappy day.

Time: 00:56:35
Distance: 3.18 mi
Calories: 588 C

The nOg Run Club run second run at Garmin Connect - Details

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