Sunday, June 6, 2010

Team CBC 72 miles ride

Wow great day - I arrived at the Brewery at about 7:40 AM thinking the ride started at 8:30 AM I had the trike ready to go when I found out that the ride was leaving at 8:00 AM, I do not think I delayed the group if I did it was just by a few minutes. It was 79.8 degrees when we left the Brewery and it felt like 100% humidity but I do not know what it was. 57 minutes later it was 89.3 degrees. The highest temperature I saw on the Edge 500 was 100.2 degrees - a hot day. The heat did not really brother me. maybe it is from growing up in South Louisiana or maybe it is all the weight I have lost or maybe both - does not matter to me I liked it. I rode well today felt good a little tired in the legs but mostly very good. Feet were not hurting at all from the run Saturday very happy they are recovering so well. My butt started to hurt at about 68 miles and my legs started to complain a bit at 69 miles so I felt I did pretty well - I will be really happy when I can ride like this without the Bionx. I of course got dropped on the hills but every time I got dropped if they did not stop I would slowly catch back on the rear of the group. I did not know everyone that I was riding with but I have ridden with some of them before and I am pretty sure I have met all of them at some time before. Everyone was very nice and I really enjoyed riding with them. I really do enjoy riding with groups like this - it is just a different experience than riding solo which I also enjoy. Here are some of my stats for today - more at the link.

Time: 04:13:39
Distance: 73.42 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,998 ft
Calories: 2,077 C
Avg Temperature: 91.6 °F

Team CBC 72 miles ride Garmin Connect - Details

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