Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A new low weight again today

I am really loving this but it is almost surreal - I have lose over 5 pounds since May 26th. That's is in 9 days - I could get real use to this - I have been stuck at almost no lose for some time or very very small loses so I cannot not enjoy this. I am sure the the running is part of it so without hurting myself I will continue to do as much as possible and get as much sleep and recovery as I can. But the biggest part of this has to be with the food - I removed about 500 calories from my diet even though I have been told I did not need to do that and it is working for now. I am eating one extra snack - usually fruit or a Balance Bar and it I need something else I will have an additional snack. I really have not been hunger and it is mostly a matter of spreading out when I eat a bit and making sure I do make sure I allow myself my evening treat. My evening treat may be a surprise to most but I like it and usually cannot skip it even if I should. It is just a flour torrita steamed and three slices of Velveeta reduces fat cheese on it rolled up. Most of the time I also put two slices of fat free smokes turkey beast on it. Strange I know but it is a real treat for me and I think it might be better for me than something with sugar in it.

My weight this morning was 323.6 pounds a total lose of 86.4 pounds so 37.6 pounds to go maybe more.

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