Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Arms and Core Workou

I was not feeling much like doing this when I woke up but I had a real good session at this gym this morning - I enjoyed the workout and I am now planning to go to the gym to do this workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, On Wednesday if I can get myself to get up a 5:30 I will run on the Dread-mill for 20 to 25 minutes as fast as I can or maybe once I learn how do some sort of speed work some days - no problems no pain - I two new routines today - I did three sets of 10 of Cable Pull-ins, Pull-ups, Pull-down, Dumbbell Presses and Curls also one set of 100 Ab Crunches and Back Extensions - then I did as many as I could of assisted full body pull-ups - blood sugar was 97 this morning - I wish I knew what I could do to get it lower - mew low weight this morning 303.5 pounds -

Time: 00:48:22
Distance: 0.39 mi
Elevation Gain: 0 ft
Calories: 303 C

303.5 lbs
Body Fat
23.9 %
Body Water
51.4 %
Bone Mass
11.2 lbs
Muscle Mass
219.7 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
34 years
Daily Caloric Intake
6,752 C

Friday Arms and Core Workout

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