Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Long Run - Tobacco Road Half long Training run

Good run - last long run before Tobacco Road Half - I went out early and ran 3.96 miles on my own - I ran the whole way no run walk - I ran South from North Cary park where we would meet for the run - I ran up Daynasty Hill - I was feeling great and running well - I had to wait about 15 minutes once back at North Cary Park - I did not sit down but I am not sure how much not running for that time affects one - we had a nice group for the run thin morning, Jon, Emily, Meri, Bert, Susan, Barbra, Sue, Chris and Hualo(sorry I just cannot spell his name) - Bert, Sue and I ran together - they were up for 10 so I got 14 today - at 13.1 miles I was at 3:50:16 a new PR for me at that distance - this was especially nice because this route is so hilly I did fade some in the last mile but other wise did real well - I did not eat at all on this run and felt great no problems and no pain except for the bottoms of my feet after about 9 miles - I was a beautiful day a bit cooler and less Sun than I thought we would have but still nice - after the run most of us went to Panaria Bread - I ate a nice piece of sharp cheddar cheese I brought with me - it was really good and all I needed - Lesley and George joined us there - we had a real nice time after the run - Jon was talking about doing a group marathon trip to Knoxville TN in April - I am very interested in this but I will be doing the half - I do want to do a full one day and I am thinking about targeting the Jacksonville FL next January - it is a Galloway event and Eric is likely going to be pacing the 7 hour group again - I might be able to do that by then - blood sugar was 87 this morning pressure was 152/82 62 - my weight was 389.7 pounds - I weighed three times - I do not usually do that and the other two were even lower - I would really love for those to be accurate but I will just have to wait and see what Sundays is - I am not sure because Friday I weighted 300 - 280 anything would be great - my feet are sore but unless I am kidding myself they are not as sore as after long runs in the past - it would be really great if they are getting tougher - I ate 404 calories this morning before the run and burned 3,781 calories according to my Forerunner so the difference is 3,377 which is real close to the 3,500 that is what it takes to lose one pound according to the Calories in Calories out theory - I do not know why people believe that theory it never seems to work - I had a real good today today and am going to get a nap if I can - Life is Good -

Time: 04:10:16
Distance: 14.04 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,280 ft
Calories: 3,781 C
Avg Temperature: 48.7 °F

289.7 lbs
Body Fat
23.2 %
Body Water
51.4 %
Bone Mass
10.8 lbs
Muscle Mass
211.6 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
34 years
Daily Caloric Intake
6,447 C

Saturday Long Run

My pictures are HERE

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