Sunday, November 6, 2011

City of Oaks / Rex Half Marathon

Great run and my best race yet. I felt prepared, I had no problems and the day was beautiful - cool but very nice. I got to the start with enough time to find my friends, take a few pictures and talk a bit but not so long I got cold. I felt like I was running well and I really enjoyed the run. I have never had so many folks talking to me and encouraging me it was a really great experience. I PR by 6 minutes - last year I ran this half and it was my first half ever. I had some problems but did finish with a 4:22 time this year I finished one hour faster with a 3:22 time and my fastest ever average pace. I am very pleased with this run. I did really push the pace during the whole race - I was feeling good and really wanted another PR. I am real tired now and hope I will recover enough to have a good race at OBX. I decided to just go for it at City of Oaks - everything was right and who know what the weather will be like next weekend. I am hopping for more of what we had today but will take what we get. Once again I had problems when I stopped running at the end with being light headed and i had to sit down for a while and when I did stand up it was pretty bad. I has taken a longtime for me to feel better and begin to recover. I am wondering and plan to ask my doctor if I may need to take less or no blood pressure meds on the day of my long run. The race it self was very very well done. There was not a single thing that I think should have been done differently. There was not anything wrong that I know of at the race. Well done gang.

City of Oaks / Rex Half Marathon

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Lesley Looper said...

Congrats, Ashby! What a fabulous course PR! Well done yesterday.