Thursday, July 15, 2010

Before Breakfast Walk First use of the replacement Forerunner 405CX

Good walk this morning - warm but not bad - Achilles was hurting a little just on one side but got better as I walked. Still worried about it - will stretch it and Ice it.
This is the first use on the replacement Forerunner 405cx - I have had the original Forerunner was going off on me while I was out running which was real ammoying to a data geek like me. Garmin told me there might be a problem with the battery and since I had just gotten it and had gotten it from REI I should see it REI would exchange it and of course REI did - REI is so GREAT - thanks REI.
I icec the Achilles for a solid 20 minutes - this is not hard for me because I cannot feel the cold until it gets deep into the foot - this also means I need to be careful I do not Ice it too long I assume one can do it too long and cause damage. I want to get some sort of complession sock thing to wear after or even one runs to see if it helps.

Time: 00:27:14
Distance: 1.04 mi
Elevation Gain: 47 ft
Calories: 202 C
Avg Temperature: 79.0 °F

Before Breakfast Walk at Garmin Connect - Details

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