Sunday, July 25, 2010

Team CBC Suday ride from Bass Lake Alehouse

This was good ride but very very HOT! We were originally planning of riding the 47 miles route but after about 8.5 miles Peggy and I decided to shorten the ride - we went to where there was suppose a store and we found it but it was closed - we decided we had enough water so at 11 miles we turned around and rode the route back. We also slowed down to about a 16mph pace and the ride became much more comfortable. The rest of the group did the whole route after Tom, Peggy and I and one other guy who's name I do not remember - sorry - got some lunch at the Alehouse which was nice.
The Garmin showed the temperature of 104.8 at one time but it did not record it so it was pretty hot - the one good thing was the the humidity was not too high so it one got in the shade it was not terrible but in the Sun it was very hot. I seldom drink in the first half hour of a ride but today I was drinking in the parking lot - Peggy said she was drinking lot also - she want to make sure she did not get dehydrated because it is so much better and easier than trying to recover from dehydration and I agree with her.

Time: 01:28:11
Distance: 22.44 mi
Elevation Gain: 423 ft
Calories: 639 C
Avg Temperature: 97.4 °F

Team CBC Sunday ride from Bass Lake Alehouse at Garmin Connect - Details

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