Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 7 run

I had a good run - my right heel hurt but other wise it was OK. The Garmin 405 screwed up again - it went blank then did a bunch of other weird stuff. I am calling them tomorrow. I like this Garmin but I need it to work correctly.
My feet were not hurting me at all just have to get the Achilles on the right foot healed and Iwill be good. I enjoyed this run and thought I was running a good pace but it took me an hour to finish which is my longest time - I guess the Achilles slowed me down more than I thought - oh well it was a good run.
The people I run with and ride with are such an important part of the running and riding - I believe I would do both even if I had to do everything solo but I do enjoy the interaction with other cyclist and runner. I do still spend most of my runs and rides solo but that is OK.

Time: 00:20:59
Distance: 0.93 mi
Elevation Gain: 50 ft
Calories: 328 C

Tir na nOg Run Club 7a run at Garmin Connect - Details

Time: 00:32:55
Distance: 1.54 mi
Elevation Gain: 40 ft
Calories: 561 C

Tir na nOg Run Club 7b run at Garmin Connect - Details

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