Saturday, July 3, 2010

Galloway Training Run 6 - 10 miles

I am so pumped and pretty sore - I did it I RAN 10 miles - six weeks ago I did not even think I could run a mile. A short time before that I would not even believed I could run at all. This is still amazing to me and I am enjoying it. The people in our Galloway group have been just wonderful - there is almost always someone to run with and talk with while we are running - this also really seems to make the miles and time go by. The friendly nice and support of this group has been just wonderful. I joined the group that gathered after the run this week even though I was pretty beat up and it was real nice to talk and listen to the others talk about this run and others that they have done.ave come home earlier but I did enjoy the group.

I am really tired now and want to rest - I may add more here later.

Galloway Training Run 6 - 10 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

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