Monday, July 5, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 6 run

I had a good run tonight - I felt good and enjoyed the run also it did not totally wear me out. I also did the distance almost 2 minutes faster than last week which was pretty cool. I do want to get faster but it is more important for me to get stronger so that it is not so hard one me and doing the runs become easier. I skipped the special ride today but I really wanted to ride. It was so hard to not ride when I felt good and there was no other reason to ride except that I had been tired after the Firecracker ride and that I really wanted to do the run at Tir na nOg. I had a real hard time today just sitting and not doing anything today - I felt like I should be doing something - I got to feeling so bad that I almost talked myself into not going to Tir na nOg and staying at home. I was also in a lot of pain during the Firecracker mostly in my right leg - I have not had this sort of pain or problem and I wonder if the running is causing some problem that does not show it self when I run but does when I ride. I really want to run and be a runner but not if if causes this much problems with riding. I have no pain when off the trike so I am really unsure what is going on. My lack of knowledge with how my body works and what is problem and what is just something sore. I also do not know how to take time off for recovery it sounds like something simple just do not exercise but that is no simple any more - not exercising means getting down and that to worries me. This is sort of frustrating. I guess I will just go to bed now.

Time: 00:56:20
Distance: 2.90 mi
Elevation Gain: 117 ft
Calories: 734 C
Avg Temperature: 92.4 °F

Tir na nOg Run Club 6 run at Garmin Connect - Details

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