Saturday, July 10, 2010

Galloway Training Run 7 - 13 miles also new low weight today

OMG I ran a half marathon! OMG I am in pain! We were running on the American Tobacco Trail so I knew it was mostly flat and shaded but I most likely should not have gone this far. I had to walk the last couple of miles but I did not stop and I did cover the distance. I was told that I can now get one of the 31.1 decals for my van and I intend to do so. It was not too hot but the humidity was so high that it felt a lot hotter.

The bottom of my feet hurt so much right now that I can barely walk - not sure if I will be cycling Sunday not riding the Cree Habitat Bull Moon Bike Ride tonight even though I had already paid for it - oh well it is a fund raiser.

For some reason I was apprehends about this run when I was planning on doing the 12 mile run - I am not sure why but most likely it has something to do with the Runner Round Table pod-cast I listened to about running injuries. I did very well to about mile 9 where I really started to have pain on the bottom of my right foot and right Achilles tendon. But I was still able to do the running and walking splits. It continued to hurt but only went to a point and then just hurt but did not get any worse however the bottom of my left foot began to hurt like the right. I was able to continue to run walk run for a while but eventually the pain made me stop running and just walk. I had to walk the last couple of miles and yes it really hurt but not any more than when I started just walking. My legs were very tired but not giving me any problem except for a little tightness in the right calf do the the Achilles tendon while I was trying to run when I just started walking the calf relaxed. I had a little pain in my shoulders that did not brother me until after I had stopped running and it has stopped now. Everything is really fine now if my feet were not so sore I would be fine to do anything.

As I am right now I will not be doing the Cree Habitat Bull Moon Bike Ride this evening. I really would like to do the ride - I was looking forward to it but alas my feet just say no. I am wondering if I will be able to do the NCBC Summer Rally Sunday morning - I really hope I can make that ride. Come on feet heal.

I had a new low weight this morning of 317.5 pounds which gives me a lose of 92.5 pounds. After the run I weighted 316.2 pounds which sounds real good but I am sure at least part of that is water lose from the run even though I did drink over two seventy oz. CamelBak full of water 16 oz. of Nuun but it was almost 5 hour run and I guess it is not possible to drink enough not to lose some water volume. I am drinking a good bit now and we will see if I have a net lose Sunday morning.

I must admit I was disappointed that I did not do better on this run. I did so well on the ten mile run and I was expecting that to continue. If my feet just did not get so sore on the bottoms I could do this - I am assuming that they will get tougher or I am really hopping they will - I really wish I knew that they will get tougher and I wish I had some idea how long that will take. Also I have not heard anyone else talk about this as a problem - I have heard about a lot of other problems but not about sort foot bottoms. Is this just a problem I am having because of my size and weight or have other runner experienced this. My feet are really hurting right now but nothing else does - everything else feels good why are my feet giving me so much trouble? I have examined my feet carefully and except for the soreness they are fine no bruises or blister.

Time: 04:55:50
Distance: 13.14 mi
Elevation Gain: 442 ft
Calories: 2,436 C
Avg Temperature: 86.1 °F

Galloway Training Run 7 - 13 miles at Garmin Connect - Details

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