Saturday, June 13, 2009

Selma Cyclepaths - Finding Crockers Nub rev route

My pre ride comments -

I almost always re-plot the maps I get from everyone because I like controlling the number of way points and some other data on the maps. When I did this for this route I got 41.5 miles using Garmin's MapSource - it almost never agrees with the plot I get from riding the route but is usually close.Looks like a fun route some new roads for me - looking forward to the ride and to seeing everyone.
I plan to be there - Turtle rides again.

The trike is named turtle. Thursday night after the ride several people told me that I should rename it - that it is not slow. Turtle got her name when I first got her and a lady friend, who does not ride unfortunately, saw her and told me it looked like a turtle, the trike has been Turtle ever since. I had a talk with her, Turtle, on the drive home and she said she likes the name - so - Turtle rides again.

My post ride comments -

Once a again a real good ride Cyclepaths. We had a nice group I would guess about 45 but I did not count. The weather was warm but not too hot and the humidity dropped as the ride progressed. Ride start temperature was 76 and the highest I saw on my computer was 86. Some new roads for me and some pretty views of the country side. I felt pretty good on the ride but still not as well as I want - maybe someday. Got chased by three different sets of dogs - one got close enough to worry about so I gave him a zap and he stopped in his tracks. Was nice to see some friends and meet a few new ones.
Turtle say Hi!

My GPS data is here
My pictures are here

My weight today is 359.6 pounds

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