Thursday, June 25, 2009

Slow Spokes Thur night ride - Not a happy Turtle

My post ride comments -

Mad - not at anyone on the ride but with myself - I was just riding so poorly.

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I will likely blog about how I am feeling.

Hi Blog, I am just so frustrated - I have heard if one has no one to talk to that it can help to write out ones feelings - I guess I will see.

I just do not understand why I am having so much trouble - I am doing everything I have been doing, eating correctly, exercising daily, getting enough sleep, having a recovery day weekly, taking my medications and vitamins. After the ride tonight I feel like just chucking it all. I am so tire of been so so slow. Tonight I was able to stay in sight of the group on the way out but I got dropped and in spite of putting out as much effort as I could I could not even stay in sight of them, I eventually got passed by the middle group and some of the last group, Rick did not pass me but I bet is was close to doing it. I know a least part of my problem it me trike. I wish I could ride a DF bike but that is not going to happen. The fastest cadence I can use safely is about 75 rpm - my legs although strong are very heavy and moving them faster the 75 cadence cause the trike to be steered by the movement of my legs. This means that my best cadence range is between 45 and 75 rpm. The problem is not me being able to produce enough power to pedal this slowly the problem is that at my highest gear I can only pedal the trike up 21 to 22 mph and I have to go to 77 to 80 cadence to do this. I have already replaced the front chain rings and derailleur with at two speed planitary gear crank. This helped, it allowed me to move my best speed from 17.5 to my current best speed of about 21.5 mph. I had the trike up to 22 mph for a while tonight and I still could not rejoin the group, they must have been going 22 mph or faster. Pedaling that fast also wears me out faster I am built to produce power and I can mash the big gears and do so for a long time but I can not spin fast for long periods of time like most cyclist. It was about 10-12 years ago but I use to pedal my long wheel base recumbent my Vanguard 25 to 27 and be able to sustain the speed for long distance, of course I could still only climb hills slowly but except for hills I was pretty fast, The Vanguard was fared or fully fared and it did help but I would not run out of gears except on down hills at about 38 mph. I have a fairing for the trike maybe I should install it? The Bionx preformed well but it has a limited range and the range is about 28 miles depending on how much work it does - I really used it to help me up the hills try to rejoin the group - any way I completely consumed the battery and had to ride with out it for the last 6 miles.
I have lost 50 pounds I want to lost another 110 I keep wondering how much I have to lose so I can see a difference in my climbing - I really do not believe that recumbent cannot climb I believe that the reputation recumbent have for not being good at climbing is due to the fast that most of those who ride them are built like me - we will just see. I would really like to have a trike with a 26" or 700cc rear wheel - I believe that would let me go a lot faster. The one I like the best right now is the Catrike Expedition. Some day maybe. Well I do not know if this helped or not but I am going to bed,


Pugsly said...

Hey Ashby - I know how frustrating this can be. Sounds like you've just hit a training plateau that you need to get beyond. Your body and muscles have become accustomed to the activity you are doing, so it's just not making you any better at the moment. Just because it worked in the past doesn't make it the right thing to do now.

Do you have a cycling coach / trainer you can talk to who can help you with a program? You're at the point where just doing the base miles thing is not going to help you see the results you want.

Trying to ride faster won't make you ride faster.

Unknown said...

Dear Ash - It's my belief that you WIN every time you get on your bike and ride. I can only imagine how you feel to lose sight of the group when you are riding. But when you cross the finish line, even if it is somewhat after them, it is still a great accomplishment. Given time and greater weight loss I believe you will see much improvement. Hang in there!

richard kidd said...

Hi Ashby,

Maybe I shouldn't be saying anything but your predicament rang bells for me. I'm just interested in recumbents and the people that build velomobiles etc. My experience comes from road running so may not be directly applicable to bike training. If you want to know more you can view my profile on LinkedIn. In my experience your friends comments are absolutely on the money. Just getting out training is always better thanb not and its possible you have hit a plateau. I think you need to change something to break through. Firstly do you go out alone sometimes. If you don't you should that way you avoid constant comparison with your group. I would advise some solo runs where you start steady at normal cruise pace then once fully warmed up put in a short period of higher speed/effort maybe 10 minutes then 10 inutes back to cruising and repated four or five times with a warm down at the end. This starts to get your body used to a faster pace. Consider investing in a heart rate monitor and build your training around this. Read up on max heart rate theory and you can use it to ensure your training is being carried out in the right zone. If you do this you should also be aware that your body needs recovery periods that is when your strength increases. Finally if you find your not enjoying it anymore stop for a while decide why its no fun anymore and change whatever makes you not enjoy the exercise.
Hope this helps.