Sunday, June 21, 2009

Team CBC 42 miles training ride.

My post ride comments -

Well I arrived late - just in time to see the 10:30 group turn onto Holly Springs.
Looked like there were 30 or so in the group. I went ahead and got ready and started the ride - the 42 at about 10:50 AM. I was 89 degrees and by 11:30 it was 94 degrees. The highest temperature I saw was 96 and most of my ride was in the 93 to 96 degree range. The humidity was not too bad I would guess in the low 60% due to the fact that everything dried so quickly. I enjoyed my ride and the route - there are three major climbs during the ride and one stretch of rode that is so rough that I was afraid it would shack my teeth out. I was by myself the whole ride but that was OK - I did not stop except to takes some meds once and even then did not get off the seat of the trike. This means I can do 40 miles and three hours. As to the headwind - what headwind - - Ok well yea I could feel it a little - what I do not understand how it was always in my face no matter where I was and which way I turned the wind was always in my face - how do you'll do that here. The gathering afterward was nice - got some food - some cool and got my Jesseys ordered - I really hope they will make the 3xl for me.

I have no picture today
My GPS data is here

My weight today is 363.0 pounds

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