Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Sunday working on the Vanguard

I had hoped to ride it but spent all day Sunday working on the Vanguard. This is an old photo but you can easily see that the handle bar is under the seat. While I had no real problem with this I have found I like the handle bars setup on my trike more and since I had already bought an handlebar for WizWheel thinking I could extend the current trike handle bar (which I found I could not due to space limitations). I cut it in half and bolted it to the original handlebar then I had to go and buy all new shifter and brake cables and housing and replace them all - mostly due to length issues but I did find the some of them needed replacing anyway - they are over ten years old. With having to go to both Performance and All Star bike shops to get everything it just took a long time - I finished up at about 10:30 PM - I had started about 9 AM after breakfast with Dad. I did take breaks to eat and took a short nap - yea is was Sunday afternoon - lol. I still need to put the new cadence transmitter on it and a mount for the cadence computer but the should not take long. I have to buy food Monday but if I am not too tired or lazy I may try to ride it Monday after work.

My weight today is 360.4 pounds.

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