Saturday, July 9, 2011

Galloway Run #10 - 2011

Good run and I really needed one - messed up on my getting up time and was almost late but I did get there by 6:28 so I was not late for the run but late as a leader we are suppose to be the at 6AM - was a bit rushed and left my FrogTog - it would have really helped to day it was hot and humid - I had a good run the the support of my friends in this group was amazing - thanks everyone and especially my Tapirs - this is one of if not the hilliest runs we do and I and our group did very well - this is a challenging run - this is also the first time I have done the whole 10 miles on this run - I have always had to cut it short before today - I was feeling well and I ran well in spite of being on my feet most of the day yesterday - I am pretty tired and will rest a little before I go over to Dad's house to help them with the work there - blood pressure 183/89 50 sugar 99 weight up a little - I have been eating some cheese - I am not going crazy with it and I am not doing anything else I should not be it just make things a bit easier right now -

Time: 02:53:06
Distance: 10.20 mi
Elevation Gain: 554 ft
Calories: 2,225 C
Avg Temperature: 82.3 °F

269.7 lbs
Body Fat
22.5 %
Body Water
53.2 %
Bone Mass
10.1 lbs
Muscle Mass
198.8 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
35 years
Daily Caloric Intake
5,071 C

Galloway Run #10 - 2011

My pictures are HERE

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