Saturday, July 30, 2011

Galloway Run # 13 - 2011

Good run - it was hot but I had a really good run today - the day did not start out too well - I set my alarm worg so I would have arrived at the run for 6:30 except I started by going to the wrong Raleigh Running Outfitters - I did not get all the way there before I realized my error but it did make me get to the start at 6:50 AM instead of 6 or at least 6:30 AM - Oh well life goes on - I ran the first four miles with out breaks as hard as I could wanting to catch up with the rest of the Tapirs my pace group - I did well and did not have any trouble from doing it until about mile 7.5 but that also just may of had to do with the heat - it was hot but not as humid today and not at least for me as last week - with the projected temperature for today I was concerned about the run today - no problems no pain except for a tiny soreness in my left hamstring on the inside just above the knee - I had a session with Jessica Thursday and must remember to tell her about this pain it comes and goes and I would like for it to just go and stay gone - it did seem to subside when I joined the Tapirs and slowed down a bit and did walk breaks - we did 30 /30s again - I like how quickly we walk but do not feel like I get up to my full speed in 30 seconds - I more of a Bus than a sports car - having dinner with Emily tonight and maybe her sister Meredith - looking forward to that - blood pressure 174/86 55 sugar 104 - weight is about the same -

Time: 02:03:53
Distance: 8.03 mi
Elevation Gain: 451 ft
Calories: 1,930 C
Avg Temperature: 84.7 °F

273.4 lbs
Body Fat
27.4 %
Body Water
49.4 %
Bone Mass
9.7 lbs
Muscle Mass
189.0 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
53 years
Daily Caloric Intake
4,833 C

Galloway Run # 13 - 2011

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