Saturday, July 23, 2011

Galloway Run #12

Good run but OMG it was hot - one should expect it and I did when one starts at 6:30 AM and it is 79.4 degrees out there - we had a good run and did a bit of extra walking and took longer stops for water than usually but it was necessary due to the heat - everyone did well but we did have a couple of out Tapirs that were having some trouble with the heat - doing ten miles on a day like to day is quite and accomplishment - good job tapirs - just Meri and me leading today we missed our Emily - I think she was working hope to see her soon - we had two new runner today we turned them back at 1.5 miles for a 3 mile run today - they seemed to be doing well - I was really pleased with how well I did today was a bit worried about doing 10 HOT miles this week after doing 13 last Saturday but I felt great and ran well - we adopted a 30/30 interval for this run thinking it would make the heat less of a factor - it was OK but I prefer my 4/1 interval but our normal 1/1 is fine also - Meri did 5 miles before our run today - I was suppose to join here but I slept through my alarm - 10 was enough for me today - Meri is amazing 15 miles in that heat - blood pressure 168/89 52 sugar 104 - weight was down yesterday and up a bit today but about the same over all -

Time: 03:03:02
Distance: 10.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 513 ft
Calories: 2,716 C
Avg Temperature: 84.3 °F

270.4 lbs
Body Fat
26.1 %
Body Water
50.2 %
Bone Mass
9.7 lbs
Muscle Mass
190.0 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
49 years
Daily Caloric Intake
4,851 C

Galloway Run #12

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