Saturday, May 8, 2010

CARA - Ride for Their Lives ride.

From my forum post -

What I great ride I had. Yea it got a bit hot but I guess growing up and living for 30 years in South Louisiana around New Orleans makes this heat less of a problem for me. This was their first ride and I thought it was well done - I hope they do it again

I shot a few pictures with the iPhone and they are below. I am not comfortable taking photos while moving on the trike with the iPhone. It is not easy to use it with one hand and I just cannot afford to drop it or damage it somehow.

I really enjoyed my ride today and I know it was due to at least two things. One I have the seat frame replaced and I am there for able to control the trike a lot more than last week when I rode it - I could bomb down all the hill son this ride - no braking last week I seemed like I rode the brakes. Two

My GPS data it HERE

My pictures are HERE

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