Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Greenfield training ride

Had a real nice ride - the weather looked like it was going to rain when I was just starting but it soon clear aoff abit and became very nice. At the beginning of my third loop I met a cyclists named Scot and during that loop caught up with Bryan. Was s bit surprised to see him so soon after he just completed a 600k ride two day before. I asked him if his butt hurt and he said everything hurt. I was real nice to see him and to ride with him again. I sure miss Peggy - do not know what happened to her she just disappeared. I hope she is OK and riding somewhere.
I looked at the GPS data from my ill fated NCBC Spring Rally ride - I only rode 2.35 miles. The Bionx locked itself into regen mode and with the rain I decided to just bail on the ride. It was ashame I was really looking forward to doing double metrics again.
I joined REX Wellness Center here in Garner. I am stuck in my weight lose again so I want to add at least so strength training now to try to kick start the weight lose again. It will also give me some place to swim - no more excuse for not doing the tri training now. They want to do a fitness evaluation on me - this may be interesting. I assume they will take one look at me and think OK we have a slug here and the I will do their stress test and not get stressed when I should - will just have to see how it goes.. I really do hope it is a real fitness evaluation and not just some excuse to try to sell me some thing - I would welcome a real fitness evaluation but if it is a sale gimmick I am going to be pissed. Whatever it is it happens Thursday morning at 7:15 AM.

Greenfield training ride Garmin Connect - Details

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