Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slow Spokes Thrusday Night Ride

I had a fun ride tonight - there was a good crowd and the weather was real nice. The pace was just a bit slower than usually and I was mostly able to keep up - the hills still bite me but that just the way it will be until I can fix my mass to weight ratio. I had a new lowest weight this morning - 328.8 - I broke the 80 pounds lose line. I still look real fat and according to the table I am still externally obese - mmmmmm - so if I am still externally obese what was I 80 pounds heavier?
For the last couple of weeks I have been changing how I use the Bionx. I have been using it to allow me to keep up with whatever group I am with instead of using it as little as possible. I like riding with the groups, I like going fast and riding is for the fun and this is more fun. But I have also noticed that in doing so I am keeping my heart rate in the aerobic zone most of the time and almost never going in to the anaerobic zone and if I understand the class I took oh heart rate monitors this is the best way to lose fat. It seems to be working and I plan on keeping it up - but still riding as long and as hard as I can.
Turtle has been riding well - I like the changes I have made to the seat position and angle. I plan on riding her this weekend then on Monday after work moving the seat a bit more forward so I can recline the seat more. To do this I will have to make changes to the seat stays but they are not permate. Currently the seat is at 41.5 degrees and would like to get it to 45 degrees and see how it feels.

My GPS data is HERE

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