Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day RIde - Shearon Harris VC - 43 miles

From my forum post -

A real nice ride - thanks Leah. As always a great route and a real nice group to ride with. I was not feeling great for the middle of the ride but got better toward the end. Not feeling too good now - not sure what going on.

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I was cold this morning or at least it felt cold to me. I even ran the heater in the van on the drive out there. There were seven of us at the start in spite of the great weather - I am sure Mothers day influenced some of our regulars. I have only done this route once maybe twice before and it maybe one of the nicest 40 mile routes around here. There are some good climbs but nothing that will destroy you and all the roads were great most very smooth. There are also store at about 14 miles and 26 miles perfect for rest/bathroom stops. I need to remember how much I liked this ride and do it when ever it is posted.
I got to feeling poorly just before the first rest stop and was just able to hang with the group. Not sure what was wrong - it was not blood sugar - it did not feel like that and eating something did not make it any better - it did not make it worse either. I just was not feeling good and had almost no power in my legs. We took a deviation from the original route and turned onto Pea Ridge road. This added about three or so miles to the route. I was feeling a bit better at the second rest stop when this was purposed and agreed to it - I am a sucker for seeing a new road especially when is is said to be fine by other cyclist I respect. It dumped us onto Old US 1 south of where the original route would have. The rest of the route is the same.
Maybe I am trying to do too much - I so want to lose weight - I feel almost like I cheated today because I only rode 43 miles when I could have done a metric. Isn't that silly but I do feel like that. I came home and took a nap and I needed it. I have not needed a nap after a ride for a while now. I hope nothing is wrong.
Turtle is running very well the new seat position seems to be very good. I just have to decide if I should try to recline it even more. More might be better or worse or make no difference. I guess I will leave it alone for a bit and do some research on seat recline angles. It is also nice having the Schlumpf High Speed Drive back. Even with the 27 tooth ring on it I can get to higher speeds than with the triple.

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